We are more than a check. Seedfunders works to connect the smartest and most talented investors into the startup world. 

Tech Focus

Scalable, cutting edge technology models are the perfect candidate for Seedfunders.

Lean Startup

We’re big fans of the lean startup model, and love when a company understands and implements this model.

How We Invest

Acumen, Connections, Funding

Study Companies

Founders seeking funding apply through the Proseeder platform. Our partners review and discuss each company.

Hear Pitches

If the review goes well – we invite the company to pitch at our weekly Partner meeting.


We’ll co-author a thoughtful term sheet that bring clear value for the company and investors

Lead Partner

A Seedfunder Partner will join the board for long term support

A far reaching network

We’ll leverage our extensive network for your company’s success

The Next Round

We’ll help sculpt the right next round offering for the right new money

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Our Investments

A growing portfolio of companies
  • Guidesly
Did you know that?

Aggregating investors to support early stage companies is a revolutionary model

Led by a group of leading visionaries, Seedfunders is paving the way for technology startups throughout the state.

​With a unique focus on pre-revenue stage concepts, Seedfunders brings a different approach with mentoring and guidance for developing an MVP and bringing your concept to market.

Seedfunders provides funding and mentoring for pre-revenue technology concepts. Share your great idea and let us help guide you in maximizing your success.

Power in numbers.

Our Partners are
varied in acumen
but aligned in

The SeedFunders team of Partners is unmatched in Florida.  We are an asset to our investees in all aspects of growing their businesses. 

  • Investment in companies at all stages
  • Years of executive leadership experience
  • An extensive network throughout the country
  • A dedication to mentoring and giving back

A Vision Continued

  • I discovered the power of this model while building Florida Funders. SeedFunders was a natural next step – to move earlier in the investment cycle and prepare companies for the Series A round. Because we are focused on pre-revenue, scalable companies – we needed partners who could bring expertise in growing companies from idea to execution and that’s exactly the type of executives who have become partners.

    David Chitester
    Founder - SeedFunders

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