Seedfunders Opportunity Fund

Black Entrepreneurs Matter

If your startup up is majority black owned, apply to receive an investment.

The Seedfunders Opportunity Fund was created to empower the Black entrepreneurial community in Florida. Through ‘friends and family’ stage investments and mentoring, Seedfunders will do a small part to fill the gap created by decades of systemic racism. The convertible note investments will help new technology companies create a minimum viable product.

Business Eligibility Criteria

majority owned

Headquartered in the State of Florida

Product or service based on scalable technology concept

Investment Evaluation Criteria:

Most importantly: a driven, capable, and passionate founding team

Scalable tech concept with a minimum addressable market of $100M

Focus on pre-launch, pre-revenue business incubation

Lean startup approach to developing MVP (minimum viable product)

Clear path to $1mm in annual repeatable revenue (ARR) over 3-5 years

Seedfunders Network Offers

Years of executive leadership experience

An extensive network throughout the country

Mentorship for long term support

Capital to fuel your growth


Seedfunders provides ongoing support including:

Application Process.

The first step for entrepreneurs who are interested in funding is to complete the program application:

The application asks individuals to provide basic information about the founders, the business concept, and their progress to date.

As applications are received, they will pass through an initial screening review to determine whether they fit the Fund criteria.

Applications that pass the initial screening will move on to due diligence.

Applicants with questions or who would like more information prior to submitting should reach out to Jonah Hanowitz at